Sales of F1 Tickets Surge on TicketSwap

Spa Grand Prix and TicketSwap Join Forces for Better Fan Experience

STAVELOT/AMSTERDAM, June 13, 2024 - Starting today, TicketSwap is the strategic partner of Spa GP, enabling trusted and last minute ticket exchange between fans for the Belgian F1 event. This comes as no surprise, as more and more F1 fans are turning to TicketSwap for the resale of F1 tickets. In 2023, the number of fans purchasing F1 tickets via the ticket platform increased significantly. TicketSwap expects this trend to continue and is also visible within other sports.

Overall, the number of users purchasing an F1 ticket via the platform increased by 30 percent. The number of tickets sought in 2023 saw a 42 percent increase compared to the previous year. “In 2023, our users activated nearly 700,000 ticket alerts. This shows that tickets for sporting events, such as Formula 1, are in high demand on our platform,” says Oscar Kriek, Director of Partnerships at TicketSwap.

Spa Grand Prix
In 2023, 4,326 race fans searched for a ticket to the Spa Grand Prix via TicketSwap. Starting this year, the Spa Grand Prix aims to have more control over resale through an official partnership with TicketSwap. “We are delighted to work with TicketSwap to offer our fans a safe and user-friendly solution for ticket resale,” says Julien Lalmand, Project Coordinator of Spa Grand Prix S.A.. “This collaboration reflects our commitment to continuously improving the experience for our spectators, and we are confident that this partnership will add value to our event.”

“We are excited about the partnership with the Spa Grand Prix,” says Kriek. "TicketSwap is growing rapidly across multiple sectors, including the sports sector. This can be seen as an absolute milestone for the Belgian market. By officially partnering with the Spa Grand Prix, we hope that even more race fans will find each other through this simple and safe way for ticket resale. Sellers are able to recoup the original paid price by including the 5% service cost in their listing. We are convinced that this partnership will enhance the experience of every race fan.”

Other Sports
Besides Formula 1, the resale of tickets in other sports, such as tennis, has also increased significantly. Overall, the number of tickets sold for sporting events doubled in 2023 compared to the previous year (+126%). In 2024, TicketSwap is already on track to set a new record by June. “Originally, we are, of course, best known as a resale platform for music events, such as festivals and concerts," Kriek continues. “At TicketSwap, we always carefully consider the wishes of the fans and see the resale of tickets for sporting events as a beautiful, logical addition to our wide range of offerings.”

About TicketSwap
TicketSwap is the safest and most convenient app for fans to buy and sell tickets for their favorite concerts, festivals, sports events, theater shows, and club nights. With over 13 million users in 36 countries, TicketSwap protects fans from excessive prices by ensuring tickets are exchanged at fair rates. Along with its dedicated anti-fraud technology (SecureSwap) and partnerships with more than 70 ticketing providers worldwide, the company is committed to offering a fair, safe, and straightforward experience for fans. With 40,000 partnered events globally, TicketSwap continues to enhance the ticketing experience for fans everywhere.

About TicketSwap

TicketSwap is the safest and easiest app for fans to buy and sell tickets to their favourite concerts, festivals, sporting events, theatre shows and club nights.

With over 9 million users in 36 countries, TicketSwap protects fans from overpricing by ensuring tickets are exchanged at fan-friendly rates. The platform is currently available in 9 languages and supports the 14 most used currencies.

Together with its unique anti-fraud technology (SecureSwap) and partnerships with over 6,000 venues, promoters, festivals and ticketing companies worldwide, the company is dedicated to offering a fair, safe and simple experience for fans attending more than 40,000 live events globally every year.

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