#dontmissabeat: TicketSwap launch sonic safety campaign as 50% of UK gig-goers hear ringing noises and only 1 in 10 wear earplugs

The ethical ticket resale platform, TicketSwap, has today launched its global sonic safety campaign #dontmissabeat - inspired by research that shows music fans should be doing more to protect their hearing health. 

The research shows that only 1 in 10 music fans in the UK wear earplugs to gigs, less than half of fans know what tinnitus is, and only 20% are familiar with the decibel rate of music when at a gig.

The campaign hopes to change behaviours regarding hearing health protection among music fans, as 90% would consider sunscreen as an essential item, while only 20% feel the same about earplugs - even though a staggering 1 in 2 young people are now at risk of noise-induced hearing loss.

Many of us love the buzz and enjoyment from attending gigs and festivals. However, as sound levels can reach over 100dB, even short gigs have the potential to cause irreversible harm such as deafness, tinnitus, oversensitivity to noise added to increased risks for early onset dementia and cognitive impairment.That’s why we believe everyone should be enjoying sound in a safe way so it can last a lifetime. That doesn’t mean you have to stop going to gigs or turn it down so much you lose out on the experience. You can enjoy live music in a safe way by using the right earplugs; so you still get the full experience but without the harmful levels, avoiding being right in front of the speakers and giving your ears a rest are all simple ways you can enjoy sound in a sustainable and healthy way. The UKHCA are proud to support TicketSwap with their sonic safety campaign and hope it brings about awareness and action to keep gig and festival goers safe from hearing health harm so they can continue to enjoy live music and entertainment for a long time to come! Clare Forshaw, Founder and Director at the UK Hearing Conservation Association

TicketSwap, which works with event organisers such as LWE and Secret Garden Party in the UK, aims to inspire both music fans and event organisers to start making sonic safety a priority - so that music-lovers can enjoy their favourite artists front-row how they were intended, for the rest of their lives. 

I’m concerned about hearing loss, as some people in my family have already had issues with that. As a DJ and producer, I’m definitely looking to protect my ears by any means necessary, to continue to enjoy making music. I’ve experienced tinnitus, which started to feel recurrent. That’s why I bought earplugs, and they really saved me during DJ sets. I can’t live without them now. No temporary tinnitus or anything of the kind – I can just go to sleep without having the feeling my ears were hammered. Now, I use them for private parties as well as club parties. I want to protect my ears because it’s my tool. I bought them for my partner, my brother and sister and my parents — I would encourage everyone who is a fan of music to wear them. Berlin-based DJ and producer, hape.
TicketSwap is run by just over 220 music fans, all of whom live and breathe music; either making it, or attending live events regularly. We know just how invaluable the experience of live culture is to our daily lives: it has a unique power to inspire & elevate us emotionally & intellectually. As a community, we are passionate that everyone can keep experiencing music to its fullest beauty, for as long as we can, and the latest industry data we collected showed us that we’re not doing enough as a music industry to promote hearing health. Hence, I’m proud that TicketSwap is starting a long-term commitment today to make sure music fans worldwide have the most accurate information on practices which’ll enable them to keep enjoying music safely, together. James Fleury, Marketing Lead at TicketSwap

In collaboration with the UK Hearing Conservation Association, who work with the World Health Organisation, #dontmissabeat will see DJ partnerships, further medical specialist research into sonic safety, and TicketSwap cool-off zones popping up at festivals around Europe,  including Into The Woods ADE and Wildeburg, for the duration of the festival season. 

Find us on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube to join in the #dontmissabeat conversation at @ticketswap. 

You can also download TicketSwap on the App Store or visit www.ticketswap.uk

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